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This is What Happens When You Excessive Use Pomade

Using pomade excess can cause negative effects for you. It’s good to reduce the usage of at least 2 times a week, or when there is an important event only. When wearing excessively and continuously will cause side effects because pomade made from chemicals. Visit This Site to see the effects of excessive use of pomade, here are some of them:

– Death of black hair and turned red
When pomade moreover often wears every day will most likely natural black hair colour to red as the hair is dry.

– Potential hair loss
Pomade can also cause loss if often wear every day because of pomade has a very strong effect beyond the usual hair gel.

– Make a headache
Cause headaches, due to strong pressure effect that is given much less use pomade that holds will feel dizzy when wearing excessively.

– The growth of acne
Pomade will arise acne because it contains oil. When body temperature began to increase, automatically the hardness of the hair oil faded slowly, especially when sweating.

– The emergence of dandruff
Can cause the appearance of dandruff because it does not fit with the type of hair and each scalp sensitivity.