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Inspiration Space: How to Organize Sofa Color Bright

When buying a sofa, most people will choose the color of brown, gray, or black with the consideration that the color is more durable. However, that does not mean you can not be creative with brightly colored sofa in your minimalist room. The Brightly colored sofa can precisely display the special accent in your home. Inspiration today is the arrangement of brightly colored sofa you can copy in your home. Minimalist sofa with a bright pink color like this could be very interesting. However, the white wall around it helps to neutralize the atmosphere. Pair with a patterned cushion so that the attention is divided between a light color sofa with bright motifs cushion. If the bright pink color is not your color, you can try blush pink color as below. Your room will seem feminine, but still luxurious and elegant, you can get your favorite sofa and chairs here.

If you choose a light blue minimalist sofa, follow these tips; put around her brightly colored accessories, such as cushion colorful, red lampshade, or painting. Add also the white carpet for soothing your views. The bright yellow sofa can be balanced by using a neutral colored furniture around. For example, you can put a table and sideboard brown and white carpet. The walls were predominantly white and brightly colored carpet is the balance most ideal for this blue sofa. Choose a neutral color cushion also to ensure that the colors do not collide.

Orange can be an accent very firmly in your home. However, striped carpets and furniture where others around him drown distinct orange color. Such as light blue, green sofa requires other brightly colored ornaments around it. You can put a cushion or wall decoration like this. There’s no doubt, a red sofa can be a very strong accent in your living room. So that the red looks bright, choose furniture with neutral colors around it. Other color choices to your room with a sofa minimalist color is peach. Peach color will make your room sweeter yet not overdone.