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Pro tips to help you understand the keyword and content relations in just 5 minutes

Before you’re going to learn about this, you need to know that content is not just an article, not even just video or pictures. When we’re talking about content, there are so many things such as products, services, and anything on the website page is the content. Okay, let’s continue. For the transactional and commercial investigation keyword, we need more than just article content, video or pictures. Those are not enough. For the example, “the plane tickets promo”. For that keyword, you cannot get into the first page of the google if you’ve just made a new article that only filled with the monthly promo. The article rewriter tool review will share some info with you about it.

Google understands that people don’t need articles. That’s why try to search on google with that keyword. From the 1-10 filled with the tools to search the plane ticket price and promo. Not article.

The way to know the right guidance

It’s actually not that difficult. Unfortunately, there are so many website owners who don’t care about it. They prefer to make the article content, just because it’s easy. It’s actually pretty much useless you know.

Let us give you some examples :

a. Keyword “sell cannon 60D”. Content : The page of the Cannon 60D product sales.

b. Keyword “sell camera DSLR”. Content : Homepage of an online shop which sells camera (due to the unspecific keywords”.

c. Keyword “DSLR Camera”. Content : The definition of DSLR camera.

d. Keyword “Cannon 60D”. Content : The pages of the Canon 60D product from the official cannon website.

e. Keyword “the best dslr camera”. Content : The article with the lists of the best dslr camera.

It’s just like that. Starting from now, don’t be rushed to make an article for all kind of keywords. You also need to know about the necessity of the content. We hope this info could help you to understand more about the relation between the content and its keywords.