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What You Need to Know about Infertility

The infertile state is a situation where a couple who despite being married in a relatively long period or more than twelve months without using contraception but have not yet had children. This state actually can be dangerous as, in some cases, this has been the cause for many couples to get separated. Thus, this state needs to be treated properly. One of the treatments which have been proven to be effective to treat infertility is the ancient Chinese techniques which are explained in the book titled pregnancy miracle. In this article, then, we will discuss what you need to know about infertility.

Time period

Fertility evaluation usually can be quite long until a few months. The evaluation will require a variety of tests. And some kind of examination should be performed within a specific time in the menstrual cycle. Treatment will take time, careful planning and regular visits to the doctor.

By increasing the intensity of the intercourse, infertile couples who have little chance of pregnancy more likely to gain even without treatment.


You can optimise your chances of conceiving in several ways:
– Moderate exercise. No exercise will cause long menstrual periods or even not occur.
– Avoid excess weight. Body Mass Index or BMI is the optimal starting from 20 and under 27.
– Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.
– Avoid consuming too much caffeine. Do not drink more than one cup of coffee every day.
– Ask the drugs you are taking with your doctor. Several types of medication can affect your ability to get pregnant or could affect the normal pregnancy.
– Fertility diet. A good diet which is assessed following fertility will help to improve fertility. The diet includes avoid trans fat and check the label on any food, eat nuts or vegetable protein more, increase the consumption of wheat, avoid sodas and drink milk every day.

Several types of treatment for cancer can cause infertility. You can discuss with your doctor before starting treatment for cancer.