Know Your Microwave 3 Types and Functions

Microwave generally knew as a device to warm the food. But it’s actually not only the microwave function. Each type of microwave is also accompanied by other functions different. There are three types namely Microwave Microwave ordinary whose main function is to warm up and heat the food or to thaw frozen food (frozen food). Grill Microwave in addition to a function as a regular microwave, can also be used for grilling food. Convection Microwave to feature for blowing air to keep the temperature inside the microwave heat more evenly. Microwave this type is suitable for the types of food that crispy. Microwave third should be placed in a safe place so that small children or pets you will not come close because the microwave is not indiscriminate but special equipment kitchen appliances that may cause harm. Much better if you use a to put the microwave. Today many microwaves stand sold and with a variety of designs.

In choosing a microwave, besides considering the functionality, power consumption and price also become one of the important points in buying a microwave. Be sure to check and compare prices before deciding to buy. In addition, there are some things you should consider in using microwaves, such do not cook food in containers or sealed container. If the food in sealed packages, partially closed or open holes in the top of the packaging so that the hot air or steam that is formed can go out and do not cause packaging explode when opened ejects steam or heat. Use safe food containers for microwave ovens. Many products food containers labeled “microwave safe” or “microwave-save”. The containers are not suitable for the microwave can be melted, deformed or biodegradable chemicals that can be mixed with food or evaporate as gas or vapor harmful.

Keep in mind that the microwave oven can make food swell. Groceries watertight in an intact form such as tomatoes, potatoes, chicken livers, sausages and hot dogs can erupt. To avoid this create some holes on the surface of the food with punctured or sliced and not do an activity or operating engine such as blender, juicer or mixer too close to the microwave oven is operating.